Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (2023)

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what brings you here Are you a new Linux user looking to learn the basics of Linux, or someone looking to build a career as a Linux system administrator? Whatever your ultimate goal, learning Linux is part of the journey. These are the best Linux courses to start your journey with.

The best Linux courses

1.Linux Mastery: Mastering the Linux command line

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (1)

It is one of the fantastic courses that gives you practical knowledge and experience of running Linux. Through this tutorial, you will acquire the necessary skills to become an expert in this operating system.

The topics covered in this tutorial will help students gain experience using the command line. In addition, you will learn about cron jobs and bash scripts used for task automation.

The structure of the course includes the following topics:

  • Terminal-Linux
  • Linux file system
  • Scheduling and automation of tasks
  • Software repositories and package managers
  • Installation and management of open source software

There are many quizzes, lecture summaries, and cheat sheets in this program that has everything you need to master Linux. It focuses on helping students gain a solid understanding of Linux concepts through examples, downloadable resources, and lectures.

previous requirements:No previous knowledge or experience on the subject is required.
Duration:11.5 hours (approximately)

You can registerHere.

2.Certification for security and administration of Linux servers

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (2)

Certification is an ideal option to gain an understanding of file system management and system security. Job seekers, professionals and students should take this course to understand the branches of the Linux operating system industry.

Topics covered in your curriculum:

  • Linux Systems Management: Introduction
  • Configure Linux in the company
  • Users, authorization and authentication in a Linux environment
  • Linux protection in the enterprise

In addition to the previous topics, this course offers the opportunity to explore the Linux computer and the authentication mechanism. Exercises, lectures, quizzes, videos, and other supplemental materials added to this program make concepts easier to learn. Towards the end of this course, students will undertake a real project to test the knowledge and skills they have acquired through the training program.

previous requirements:Knowledge of basic Linux concepts is required.
Duration:12 hours (approx)

You can registerHere.

3.Linux command line basics

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (3)

Designed for both novice and advanced Linux students, this introductory course is an excellent opportunity to learn the technical aspects of the Linux command line. From the Linux command line to more advanced concepts like creating Linux commands, there are a number of things that have been added to the curriculum.

The wide range of topics taught in this program includes:

  • Navigating the Linux file system
  • Linux file system hierarchy
  • Using command options
  • Creation of soft and hard links
  • Use of Linux wildcards
  • Edit, view and create files
  • Using Linux text editors
  • Using the Linux command line

This course is intended for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the Linux command line. Mac or Windows users who want to switch to Linux can get several benefits by using this program. It has several resources and downloadable articles to make learning easier.

previous requirements:Install the Linux distribution on your PC. Also, students should be passionate about learning about this operating system.

Eben:Beginner & Intermediate
Duration:5 hours (approx)

You can registerHere.

4.Learn Linux in 5 days

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (4)

The tutorial was created to help students acquire the professional knowledge and skills needed to work with the Linux platform. Jason Cannon's creation is best suited for learning the concepts and commands relevant to the subject.

It includes real and practical examples to help students quickly grasp the syllabus. All techniques are explained in simple language. This program contains step-by-step instructions and a video on demand for installing WordPress on a Linux system. In addition, you will gain knowledge about the software required to run WordPress on Linux.

The course mainly covers the following topics:

  • Linux-Distribution
  • Introduction to SSH
  • Linux file system layout
  • Basic Linux commands
  • List, edit, copy and delete files
  • Data transfer and file compression process
  • Shell requirements customization
  • Using Cron to schedule and automate tasks
  • user switch

By attending this course, students will gain access to the commands required for WordPress and software installation. You will also learn about important Linux operations in a step-by-step guide. There are several exercises to help students consolidate and test their knowledge of the subject.

There are examples for each topic. Also, this course's detailed guides and in-depth learning resources are best for acquiring web server installation, database server installation, WordPress configuration skills, and more. The lectures, articles, and downloadable resources in this course allow students to learn the concepts in a limited amount of time.

previous requirements:No prior knowledge of the topic is required.
Duration:5.5 hours (approximately)

You can registerHere.

5.Linux Admin Bootcamp: Transition from Beginner to Intermediate

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (5)

This popular Udemy course is ideal for learning CentOS and Red Hat Linux. People who dream of taking on the role of Linux admin and Linux server admin should do so. This tutorial will teach you how to administer Linux servers.

The best part is that you can work on problems and get hands-on experience on the subject. This course will help you learn the techniques for configuring and maintaining various Linux systems. These skills are useful when people assume the role of Linux system administrator or Linux systems engineer.

This program helps to learn:

  • Linux-Distribution
  • Using SSH
  • Linux system file system layout
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Create, move and rename directories
  • Using the emacs, vi, and nano editors
  • compress files
  • Change user
  • Linux server boot process
  • Logical volume manager
  • sudo configuration
  • Linux-Shell-Skripte

From basic lessons to complicated systems and commands, this comprehensive course is well designed and has different sections. College students, researchers, professors, and others in similar roles can take this course to expand their knowledge of Linux servers. The articles and video-on-demand features in the tutorial will make you a pro Linux system.

previous requirements:No previous knowledge or experience with the Linux command line is required.
Eben:Beginner & Intermediate
Duration:8.5 hours (approximately)

You can registerHere.

6.Open source software development specializing in Linux and Git

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (6)

It is an amazing Linux certification training program for developers to help them solidify their Linux foundation. This free Coursera tutorial allows people to specialize in open source development along with a good explanation and knowledge of the Linux system. The course is divided into four sections.

Through this program, participants will be introduced to:

  • Open Source Development
  • Distributed Development
  • Linux-Standardtools
  • GIT

The course material is designed with beginners in mind. They can quickly learn the concepts and strengthen their foundation in the Linux system. However, the course has the advantage that enrollment is free, but students must pay a nominal fee to become certified. Perfectly designed quizzes, video tutorials, programming exercises and assignments also benefit the participants.

previous requirements:Students must have basic computer skills. Common commands and Linux shells are an advantage.
Duration:4 months (approximately)

You can registerHere.

7.Linux tutorials and projects

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (7)

It's another top-notch free Linux course from Jason Cannon, an IT professional with over 25 years of experience as a Linux and Unix systems engineer. This fantastic tutorial gives you access to real life experience on the subject.

The course covers the following areas:

  • load balancing
  • Management of SSL certificates
  • MySQL-Replikation

The tutorial also includes Linux-related hands-on exercises, such as: How to install SSL certificates on Apache and CentOS Linux, HTTP load balancing, how to set up MySQL master-slave replication on Ubuntu Linux, and more. The exercises 1 in this program were created to help someone build a solid foundation in Linux.

previous requirements:Access to the Linux system is mandatory
Duration:41 minutes (approximately)

You can registerHere.

8.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Brief

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (8)

Presented by Red Hat Enterprises, this Linux course enables participants to gain technical knowledge of fundamental Linux concepts. It's a free training course that also helps you demonstrate key Linux system administration techniques. Architects, IT professionals, engineers, administrators, and students who want to gain a deep understanding of this operating system can greatly benefit from this course.

The demonstrations and short lectures in this tutorial include:

  • Open source development model
  • Linux-Distribution
  • Núcleo de Linux
  • sleeve
  • file hierarchy
  • user area
  • Edit text files
  • Network configuration from the command line
  • Commissioning processes of the control system

After completing this free Linux course, you will have a good understanding of the Linux operating system. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you have easy access to the tools you need to modernize your enterprise infrastructure and improve workability through virtualization and standardization.

previous requirementsThere are no formal educational requirements, but previous operating system management experience helps natural learning.
Duration:2 hours (approx)

You can registerHere.

9.Learn the Linux Command Line: Basic Commands

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (9)

Linux/Mac users and developers who want to gain customization skills for UNIX, Ruby on Rails, Django and others should choose this course. It is a quick guide that gives you a detailed overview of the necessary Linux commands used in system administration, file management and process management.

The program mainly covers the following topics:

  • Importance of the command line
  • command line syntax
  • Basic commands on the Mac or Linux command lines
  • Create terminal commands

The easy-to-understand content allows beginners to easily learn complicated command-line concepts. The step-by-step guide added to this tutorial teaches the students the techniques of using the command line.

The best part is that you don't have to deal with unnecessary and boring things that are added to Linux courses. In short, you can quickly learn how to build your command line and consolidate your basics on the subject.

previous requirements:Basic knowledge of the command line will benefit from learning the concepts through this program.
Eben:Beginner & Intermediate
Duration:40 minutes (approximately)

You can registerHere.

10Linux Basics: Everything you need to know to get started

Top 10 Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 [Updated] (10)

It is one of the best introductory courses covering the basics, history and other topics related to Linux. The program will also tell you about a Linux command pack and Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and RedHat. Also, you will learn the tips and tricks to set up a test lab to run Linux commands with CentOS and VirtualBox.

The main topics covered in this course are listed below:

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Linux history
  • Linux distributions: detailed description
  • Install virtual box
  • Linux file system hierarchy
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Install Linux

This Udemy certification course provides hands-on experience with Linux commands. You will learn how to create and move directories and files, compress files and achieve techniques. Besides, it also teaches the method of combining different commands.

previous requirements:None, except for a PC and quality headphones.
Duration:3 hours (approx)

You can registerHere.


So this is all about the most popular online Linux training programs. However, it is worth noting that there is a huge range of the best Linux courses due to its various uses. The above list may not be exhaustive, but earning any of the above specializations will raise the bar for your success in this field. The free and paid Linux tutorials on this list will help you acquire industry-standard Linux credentials.

If you are looking for a job or want to grow in your current role, get oneLinux certificationit would be valuable.

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