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A Telcel SIM card, a SIM card with a chip, is a product that allows you to enjoy cell phone service in Mexico! Before making a purchase, you should consider factors such as compatibility with the cell phone, plans, prices, and activation or recharge processes.

In this post we will show you how to get one, the stores that offer this chip, prices, and similar alternatives that will allow you to connect to the Internet and make phone calls in Mexico.

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  • 1 What is Telcel?
  • 2 Where to buy a Telcel chip?
    • 2.1 Buy Telcel SIM card online:
    • 2.2 Getting a chip at a Telcel store
    • 2.3 Buy a Telcel chip from Oxxo
    • 2.4 Obtaining a Telcel SIM card at an airport in Mexico:
  • 3 How much does the Telcel SIM card cost?
  • 4 How do I activate the Telcel chip?
    • 4.1 Activation in a store
    • 4.2 Activation of the chip through a telephone call
    • 4.3 Sending an SMS to activate the chip
    • 4.4 Activation via the SimpleMobile website
  • 5 How do I recharge minutes, mobile data and calls?
    • 5.1 Packages:
    • 5.2 Packets with data:
  • 6 Telcel SIM card compatibility with your mobile phone
    • 6.1 Chip sizes: Normal, Micro and NanoSIM
    • 6.2 Telcel Network Frequencies
  • 7 What is the coverage of Telcel's mobile network in Mexico?
    • 7.1 Areas of good coverage:
    • 7.2 Areas of little or no coverage:

What is Telcel?

Telcel is a Mexican mobile operator owned by América Móvil, a company that owns other well-known brands in Latin America such as B. Claro.

Telcel has good network coverage, surpassing its competitors such as AT&T México and Movistar México.

Telcel SIM card: price, purchase and activation - Roami (2)

Where can you buy a Telcel chip?

There are several places and websites where you can buy Telcel chip from traditional branch or official store to third party websites.

Buy Telcel SIM card online:

There is currently no way to buy a Telcel chip from the official website. For those who do not want to leave home, they have the option of buying onePrepaid SIM card for Mexicofrom other stores likeHolafly eSIM, Holafly, Amazon and Mercadolibre SIM cards in Latin America.

If you choose one of the above options, you usually have to wait a few days before you receive the package. If you are leaving soon and want to move immediately after your arrival in Mexico,Holaflys eSIM Mexicoit is your best option since this chip is digital and does not require the physical installation of a chip.

Get a chip at a Telcel store

This is a one-time option, you must go to a Telcel store or commercial establishment to find out and purchase your chip. These customer service points will ask you for documents such as your passport or identification number.

Something important to keep in mind about these places is their available hours. They are usually open9:00 o 10:00 a. m. a 6:00 o 7:00 a. m.. Also think about holidays or non-working days in Mexico.

Buy Telcel chip in Oxxo

Another place known for offering a variety of products is Oxxo; a popular chain of stores in Mexico where you can buy a Telcel chip. At these convenience stores, you must first ask for the closing time and then pay at the register.

Get a Telcel SIM card at a Mexican airport:

Anyone who is traveling and needs a Telcel chip can also get it at airports. There are commercial companies that work for Telcel.

Like the official Telcel stores, the points of sale inside the airports have the same opening hours, i.e. h open from 9:00 or 10:00 to 18:00 or 19:00. Therefore,if you arrive in mexico early in the morningand you need internet upon arrival to order a taxi, communicate with your hotel or notify your relatives, it is best to buy or get a chip before travelingVirtual SIM card with mobile data for Mexico included.

How much does the Telcel SIM card cost?

For some people, price is the least of their worries and what they are looking for is a solution and quality service, for others it is a decisive factor before making a purchase. Regardless of whether you belong to one group or another, we will tell you the price of a Telcel chip.

The official price of a Telcel chip is 79 Mexican pesos, about 4 dollars or 3.5 euros. These costs only apply to the chip with no credit available and no activation. Although once activated it usually comes with a welcome bonus.

However, the price varies depending on where you buy it. It may cost you more at airports and resale stores. The price is lower on the official websites, although they are usually slower to provide customer support.

How do I activate the Telcel chip?

Telcel has different activation methods for your prepaid chip. You can choose the one that suits you best based on where you got it and where you are. We explain below.

activation in a store

If you are buying from an official store and need same day SIM activation, you can ask for help once you start the activation process. Customer service representatives will deliver your chip ready to use.

Activation of the chip through a phone call

To activate the chip by phone, you must have two phones available. Using a phone, dial and call 800-7105687 and follow the instructions to activate a prepaid chip. The other phone should be the phone you are going to use the SIM card on.

Sending an SMS to activate the chip

Another way to activate a Telcel chip is through text messages. To achieve this, you must insert the SIM card into your mobile phone, turn it on and send an SMS to the code 4848, write the word ALTA in the message and follow the instructions that you will receive in response.

Activation via the SimpleMobile website

Go to the SimpleMobile website and select the Activate option, enter the ICCID of your chip and follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I recharge minutes, mobile data and calls?

You have several alternatives to add balance to your Tecel chip, you can recharge it from thereofficial recharge siteor external websites. You can also go to their service points in shopping centers such as Oxxo and convenience stores.

All Inclusive Package:

These packages include data, unlimited calls and SMS.

the amount of dataPreiscarry
2GB$150 MXN26 ceilings
100 MB$20 MXN1 label
120 MB$30 MXN3 take
400 MB$50 MXN7 take
500 MB$80 MXN13 roofs
1.3GB$100 MXN15 take
3GB$200 MXN30 take
4 GB$300 MXN30 take
6 GB$500 MXN30 take

Packets with data:

These packages include data and social networks.

the amount of dataPreiscarry
1.6GB$100 MXN15 take
3,5GB$200 MXN30 take
5 GB$300 MXN30 take
8GB$500 MXN30 take

Telcel SIM card compatibility with your cell phone

Before you buy a Telcel SIM card, you need to make sure that your phone works on their network. Whether you are traveling abroad or planning to buy a mobile phone that you received from another country like the United States, for example.

Chip sizes: Normal, Micro and NanoSIM

A Telcel SIM card comes in 3 sizes. Regular size (common in older phones), MicroSIM generally compatible with newer phones. NanoSIM, which are generally the most compatible with high-end and latest generation mobiles.

The chip size can be chosen by taking the correct size of the card. This is usually die-cut and you just have to press to cut it to the size you want.

Telcel network frequencies

This is crucial. If your smartphone or cell phone is not compatible with the frequencies of the Telcel network, you will not have coverage and therefore you will not be able to enjoy cell service in Mexico.

network typenetwork frequencies
2G1700/2100 AWS 1, 2600, 1700/2100
3G1900, 850

What is the coverage of Telcel's mobile network in Mexico?

Telcel has the best network coverage in Mexico. However, when you travel to areas far from cities, the signal quality is usually low. In Mexico, you cannot get cell phone coverage in some areas and you should know this before you travel, so your last resort may be free WiFi hotspots in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, etc.

Areas with good coverage:

The places in Mexico where you can get good network coverage are Mexico City, Guanajuato, Monterrey, Veracruz, Merida, and Tabasco.

Areas with weak or no coverage:

The recognized and possibly tourist places where the network coverage may be weak, unstable or non-existent in some areas are: Los Cabos, Xul-Ha, Campeche, Holbox, Tulum and Chiapas.

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