201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (2023)

These are the courses offered by TESDA and the entry requirements for 2023. There are more than 201 face-to-face courses to choose from. You should also check out the TESDA Top 10 On Demand Courses that have the most enrollments listed in this post.

The courses offered by TESDA are distributed in different areas of specialization. There are training programs that can help students learn new skills for their future jobs.

To name a few, TESDA has courses for anyone looking to improve their skills in welding, sewing, cooking, automotive, electrician, driving, and food processing.

Graduates from the training institution are also competitive as they find jobs quickly. In accordance withwww.tesda.gov.ph, 7 out of 10 of its graduates find work easily and 9 out of 10 employers are satisfied with their performance.
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What are the top 10 Tesda courses with the most enrollments?

TESDA's top courses that have the largest number of students are from the following sectors: Hospitality Services, Construction Services, Agriculture, and Information and Communication Technology. Here is the list:

  • 1. Shielded Metal Arc Welding Course II – 53 thousand students
  • 2. Kitchen – 51 thousand students enrolled
  • 3. Food and Beverage Courses – 51 thousand Students
  • 4. Production of Bread and Pastry – 48 thousand Students
  • 5. Governance Course – 44 thousand Students
  • 6. Electrical Installation and Maintenance – 36 thousand Students
  • 7. I-Course on Shielded Arc Welding – 28 thousand students
  • 8. Maintenance of IT Systems – 24 thousand Students
  • 9. Accounting Course – 24 thousand students
  • 10. Contact Center Services Courses – 23 thousand Students

Note: Details were based on 2016 Tesda presentations published byABS CBN News
201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (2)

What are the TESDA courses offered in 2023?

To help aspiring students decide which course to take, below are the 200+ courses that TESDA offers.

  • NC III Course on 2D Game Art Development
  • 3D Game Art Development NC III (Curso NUEVO)
  • NC II (II-5) Capable Marine Deck
  • NC II (III-5) First Class Sailor Engine
  • Agricultural Production Courses NC I, NCII and NC III
  • Agricultural Machinery Operation Course NC II
  • NCII Air Duct Maintenance Course
  • Care and management of animal health NC III
  • Animal Production (Poultry-Chickens) NC II, (Ruminants) NC II, (Pigs) NCII Courses
  • Animation Courses NC II, Animation (2D Digital) NC III, (3D Digital) NC III
  • Aquaculture NC II
  • Artificial Insemination (Large Ruminants) NC II, (Pigs) NC II
  • NCII Theme Parks and Rides
  • Self-painted finish Bodywork NC I, NC II and N CIII
  • NC II Automotive Engine Rebuild
  • Body repair NC II
  • Automotive Electrical Assembly NC II and NC III
  • Automotive Mechanical Assembly NC II and NC III
  • automotive maintenanceCursos NC I, NC II, NC III y NC IV
  • NC II Automotive Wiring Kit
  • Bamboo production NC II
  • Barangay NC II Health Services
  • Barbearia NC II
  • BarmanNC II por Barista NC II
  • Beauty care NC II and NC III
  • Beauty services (nail care) NC II and NC III
  • NCII Biomedical Equipment Services
  • Accounting Course NC III
  • bread and cakesProduction CN II
  • Broadband Installation (Fixed Wireless Systems) NC II
  • NC II cable TV installation
  • Operation and Maintenance of CaTV NC III
  • CAD CAM NC III operation
  • MatterNCII
  • Carpentry Courses NC II and NC III
  • CNC Lathe Operation NC II and NC III
  • Operation of CNC Milling Machine NC II and NC III
  • commercial kitchenNC III y NC IV
  • Basic Computing
  • Computer Systems Maintenance NC II
  • ConstructionPassenger Material Elevator NC II Elevator Operation
  • Real Estate Painting NC II and NC III
  • Consumer electronicsNC III y NC IV
  • NC II Contact Center Services (service center)
  • NC II kitchen
  • Culinary Arts Course
  • NC II Customer Support
  • Dental Hygiene NC IV
  • Dental Laboratory Technology Services NC I, (Prosthetics/Fixed Restorations) NC II, (Removable) NC II
  • NC IV dental technology
  • Operation and maintenance of NC II and NC III diesel plants
  • Domestic Work Course NC II
  • Sewing(Casual) NC II
  • Driving NC II, (Articulated Vehicle) NC III, (Passenger Bus/Direct Truck) NC III Courses
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II, NC III and NC IV
  • Assembly and Maintenance of Electronic Products NC II
  • Emergency Medical Services NC II
  • NC III event management services
  • Fashion Design (Clothing) NC III
  • NC I and NC II Parts Capture Courses
  • Packaging of fish products NC II
  • Fishing Equipment Repair and Maintenance NC III
  • Operations of the Dock of the Fishing Port NC I
  • Arc welding with NC I, NC II and NC III cast core
  • Food and Beverage Services Courses NC II, NC III and NC IV
  • Food Processing NC I, NC II, NC III, NC IV
  • Manufacture of footwear NC II
  • Language
  • Forges NC II and NC III
  • Casting / Foundry NC II and NC III
  • Casting NC II and NC III
  • NC Reception Services II
  • Manufacture of furniture (finishing) NC II
  • Game Programming NC III
  • Gas metal arc welding courses NC I, NC II and NC III
  • Gas tungsten arc welding NC II and NC IV
  • Gas welding NC I and NC II
  • Hairdressing NC II and NC III
  • Health Services NC II
  • Heat treatment
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance NC II
  • Hilot (well-being) NC II
  • Horticulture NC II, NC III
  • Clean NC II, NC III and NC IV
  • NC III Ice Plant Refrigeration Service
  • Instrumentation and Control Maintenance NC II, NC III and NC IV
  • Manufacture of Jewelry (Fine Jewelry) NC II and NC III
  • Laboratory and Metrology/Calibration Services NC II and NC III
  • Line Construction (Electric Power Distribution) NC II
  • Machining NC I, NC II and NC III
  • Alvenaria NC I, NC II and NC III
  • NC II massage therapy
  • Mechanical Design NC I
  • Mechatronic Maintenance NC II, NC III and NC IV
  • Coding and Medical Billing NC II
  • Metal stamping NC II
  • Microfinance Technology NC II, NC IV
  • NC Molding Course II
  • NC II Motorcycle Small Engine Maintenance
  • LOW ROAD TRUCK (Rigid)
  • Maintenance of ophthalmic lenses NC II
  • Organic Agriculture Production NC II (NEW)
  • Operation of the NC II painting machine
  • Modeled NC II
  • Performing Arts_Bailes de Salón NC II
  • Management of Pragas (Veg.) NC II
  • NC II Pharmacy Services
  • Photography by NCII
  • NC II pipe connection
  • Plant Maintenance NC I
  • Operation of plastic machines NC II and NC III
  • Plumbing NC I, NC II and NC III
  • Operation of the NC I pressing machine
  • Inspection of NC II and NC III Processes
  • NC Programming IV
  • Design of photovoltaic systems NC III, Maintenance NC III, Installation NC II
  • Pyrotechnics NC II
  • Service RAC (DomRAC) NC II - New
  • RAC Service (PACU-CRE) NC III (Modified)
  • Classification that is part of a navigation room NC II (II-4, III-4)
  • Technical Assistance in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Reinforced Steel NC II
  • NC II Rice Machine Operations
  • NC I rig
  • Rubber Processing NC II, Production NC II
  • Security services NC I, NC II
  • NC II Killing Operations (Butcher shop)
  • Structural Assembly NC II
  • submerged arcWeldingNC I y NC II
  • Installation of the NC II formwork system
  • Tailoring (Casual) NC II
  • Technical Writing NC II
  • OSP installation of telecommunications and local loop (copper cable-POTS and DSL) NC II
  • OSP Telecom Installation (Fiber Optic Cable) NC II
  • NC II Tile Installation Course
  • Manufacturing of tools and dies NC II
  • CN II Tourism Promotion Services
  • Instructor Methodology Level I, Level 2
  • Installation and Maintenance of Transmission Lines NC II, NC III
  • Visual Graphic Design NC III
  • NC II Backhoe Loader
  • Excavator NC II
  • NC II Concrete Pump
  • NC II container stacker
  • Crane on track NC II
  • NC II Forklift
  • NC II Gantry Crane
  • NC II Hydraulic Excavator
  • NC II Motor Grader
  • NC II Paver
  • NC II Off Road Rigid Dump Truck
  • All Terrain Crane NC II
  • Mesa NC I
  • NC II tower crane (crane operator)
  • Transit Mixer NC II
  • Crane on truck NC II
  • NC II freight road

What are the web-based courses at TESDA?

there is a total ofMore than 60 Internet-based lessonswhich aspiring people can get for free. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Please note that certificate of completion is not the same as NC or COC.

If you want to obtain a National Certificate (NC) or a Certificate of Competence (COC), you must visit the nearest assessment center and take the certification exam. If you pass, you can get the certificate. This offer requires students to have a fast internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer.

201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (3)See the list of online courses below:

fruit grower

car battery maintenance
Tuning of diesel engines

prepare sandwiches

cell phone maintenance
solar night light set

(Video) TESDA Beware Fake National Certificates Facebook

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Maintenance of Packaged Air Conditioning Units

room attendant service
valet parking
Public area assistant service

information technology
Animation (digital 3D)
Basic computer operation
CAM/CAD operation
Maintenance of computer equipment
Web development with HTML5 and CSS3

massage therapy
massage massage
swedish massage
Thai massage

Microsoft Online Courses:
game development
Game Production Basics
2D game development with HTML5
Developing 2D and 3D Games with Unity Software Fundamentals of Game Development
C# fundamentals for beginners

food and drink service
waiter service
room attendant service
Bus Attendant Maintenance

Trainers Methodology I
Facilitate the learning session

Trainers Methodology II
Curricular development

What are the free language courses offered by TESDA?

Tesda also offers free language classes. Aspiring students need only visit any accredited school and/or Language Skills Institute (LSI) that offer them. EITHERlanguage courses availableand the duration can be found below:

Basic Arabic and Saudi/Gulf culture: 100 hours
Basic Mandarin and Culture – 100 hours
Basic English – 100 hours
Basic Nihongo and Culture – 150 hours
Basic Korean and Culture: 100 hours (please check with tesda LSI if this course is still available)
Basic Spanish – 100 hours

Please note that not all TESDA LSIs support all languages. Therefore, before going to the nearest LSI, first call their office to find out if the course you want to study is available at their school.

What are the TESDA On-Demand courses for abroad?

These are the courses you should take if you want to work abroad after gaining years of experience with local employers.

There are more than 30 tesda courses in demandout of country, including farming, food processing, carpentry, cleaning, slaughter operations, caring, bartending, and welding.

If you plan to study agricultural production, cleaning, care, CNC lathe operation, and welding, you may have a chance to get a job in Japan.

New Zealand needs carpenters, construction workers, machinists, upholsterers, CNC program mechanics, auto electricians, hairdressers, groomers, truckers and dairy farmers.

Australia needs pig farmers, auto electricians, mechanics, welders, electronics technicians and machinists.

Hong Kong needs domestic helpers. Singapore needs domestic workers, home workers, bartenders and auto technicians.


Macau is in need of waiters, housekeepers, food and beverage attendants, spa therapists, cleaners, hairdressers, electricians, and housekeepers.

UAE is in need of domestic help, air conditioning technicians, cleaners, welders, caretakers, electricians, machine operators and hairdressers.

It just means there are plenty of job opportunities abroad once you finish a Tesda course. So take and pass the assessment exam to earn a certificate and gain local work experience. When you have enough years of work experience, that is the time when you should apply for a job abroad with the respective POEA-accredited employment agencies.

What are the entry requirements for TESDA courses?

Public and private schools that offer TESDA courses require that their enrollees meet these requirements:

  • at least 18 years old
  • high school graduate
  • passed a pre-training assessment (YP4SC/NCAE)
  • Barangay Launch (some ask)

If you intend to continue your training in private institutions, they may request additional requirements to those mentioned. It would be best if you visit your respective schools and ask about other documents you need to present to them.
201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (4)

How many hours or months to complete a Tesda course

You can complete a TESDA course between 144 hours and 960 hours or between 18 days and 6 months. This is possible if the training duration is 8 hours a day.

This depends on the school that offers the course. If you are in a hurry, it would be efficient to list all the schools near your location that offer the same program. Compare which offers fewer hours to complete the course.

For your reference, here is the duration (in hours) of Tesda's popular courses for students:

  • NC II Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) - 268 hours
  • NC II firing – 316 hours
  • Food and Beverage Services NC II – 356 hours
  • Bread and Pastry Production NC II – 141 hours
  • Cleaning NC II - 436 hours
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II - 196 hours
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I - 268 hours
  • Computer Systems Maintenance NC II – 280 hours
  • Accounting NC III - 292 hours
  • Contact Center Services NC II – 144 hours

On the other hand, students can study online courses at their own pace and time. Fast learners can finish an online course in 40 hours or 2 weeks. Assuming that the duration of the training is 4 hours a day. Meanwhile, language training can be completed in 100-150 hours.

then they can visitTESDA Assessment Centersto take the competency test. If they pass, they will receive a National Certificate (NC).

How to Enroll in Tesda Courses: 5 Steps

Here are the written steps to find the school that offers the course of your choice. I will also share here how to enroll in this school.

Step 1: Go to the TESDA website to start your application

The official website is www.tesda.gov.ph. On the right hand side of the site, you will see the Quick Links section. Go to "Registered Programs". This is where you can explore the 200+ tesda courses available to aspiring students like you.

201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (5)

Step 2: Research the school offering the course

In this step, I will teach you how to find the school that offers the course you want. Suppose you want to study "NC I or NC II Automotive Service" in Manila area.

On the "Registered Programs" page, you will be asked to enter your "Course," "School Name," and "Location."

What you need to do is enter the name and location of the course. The website will display the list of schools that offer the course.

201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (6)

(Video) How to get TESDA e-certificate in 2023 | FREE Training Certificate

Step 3: Enter the TESDA-accredited school information

Based on the list of schools presented in Step 2, verify and collect all the data for each school. Get their address and contact details. Learn about courses offered by Tech-Voc and course load.

To make it easier, you just need to collect information about probably the 3-5 closest schools to your location.

201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (7)

Step 4 – Check with the school about course requirements

The reason you need to ask about the requirements is that you need to know which school offers the best possible scenario in your favor.

Check to see which school is closest to your location, offers the same course in the fewest hours to complete, and has the cheapest tuition.

You can visit their school or call them. Up to you!

Step 5: Apply to the TESDA Accredited School

Were you able to compare all the factors I listed in Step 4? Did you get the details of the school that offers the best scenario for you? If your answer is 'YES', please proceed with the application.

List of TESDA Training Centers and Accredited Schools

In this part, you will find the address, phone numbers, and emails of TESDA's main office and the respective district offices in Metro Manila. This publication also includes locations of training centers and schools in some provinces of the country.

TESDA head office address and contact details

Its main office is located in Taguig City, Metro Manila. The exact address is 1630 East Service Road, Taguig in the National Capital Region (NCR), Philippines. The hotline number is (02) 888-5641-46. The email address is contactcenter@tesda.gov.ph.

Its notable landmark is probably its complex which has doors and walls painted sky blue or blue. The design of the main building is unique and you will notice it right away as it looks like an inverted pyramid.

Below are some of their district offices in Metro Manila, including contact details and addresses:

Regional Offices of Tesda Training Centers

Oficina/Nombre: Oficina Distrital de TESDA Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela (CaMaNaVa)
Endereço: Victory Mall, Caloocan City
Contact telephone numbers: 287-2137 / 287-2915
fax numbers : 287-2915
Email: camanava@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name: TESDA Quezon City District Office
Quezon City
Address: Quezon City Hall Complex
Contact numbers: 927-9091; 426-7536; 929-2908
fax numbers : 927-9091
Email: qc@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name: TESDA Manila District Office
Address: Lopez Bldg, Tayuman St., Tondo, Manila
Tal. Nºs : 5600155
fax numbers :
Email: manila@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name: TESDA District Office Pasig, Mandaluyong, Marikina, San Juan (PaMaMariSan)
Address: Neptali Gonzales Bldg., Rizal Tech. University
Contact number: 534-2010
fax numbers :
Email: pamamarisan@tesdancr.org.ph

Office/Name: TESDA, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000,
Address: TESDA-NCR Bldg. TESDA Complex Gate 2 East Service Rd. South Highway
Contact number: 810-5814
fax numbers : 810-5813
Email: muntiparlastapat@tesdancr.org.ph

Desk/Name: TESDA District Office, Makati
Address: Building 2, Makati Ground Gate I J.P. Rizal Avenue, West Ridge
Contact numbers:
fax numbers :
Email: pasmak@tesdancr.org.ph

(Video) 7 TESDA Courses that Lead to High Paying Jobs

Note: Some phone numbers may not work. The alternative way is to visit their respective offices. Their addresses can be seen above.

Watch the video to find TESDA accredited schools that offer the course you want to apply for.

Frequently asked questions about TESDA courses

Does TESDA accept graduates of the Alternative Learning System (ALS)?

Yes, the training institution accepts candidates who are graduates of the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

This is very good news as those who have not graduated from high school can study through ALS. After graduation, they can apply to Tesda for their chosen course.

File:TESDA Scholarship Programs, Online Application Process

How much is tuition at Tesda?

The tuition fee varies according to the schools that offer the Tesda course. Expect private schools to have a higher tuition rate than state schools. Even if both schools offer the same course.

Are there courses for high school students?

Unfortunately, there are no courses available for high school students. Based on application requirements, applicants must have completed high school to be accepted to Tesda-accredited schools.

It is strongly recommended that these high school students return to high school (public or private) and complete the remaining required years. After graduating from high school, they can now study at any Tesda accredited school.

What are the short course lists in TESDA?

All Technical and Vocational Education and Training that is available at TESDA are Short Courses. Short courses are specialized training and education that you can complete in a short amount of time. You can complete these courses in a few hours up to 6 months. Short courses focus on specific skill sets and competencies that you can apply at work or in business. You can receive a certificate after completing a short course.

What is the meaning of TESDA and its logo?

TESDA is an acronym that stands for "Technical Education and Skills Development Authority". Tesda's logo is a human figure encased in a gear-like image.

It comes in different colors such as white, gray or black, but it usually has shades of blue. Most of the time it also has a white background. In the center you will see a human puppet (raising arms) while inside the image that resembles a spinning gear.
201+ Tesda Courses Available in 2023 [Full List] (8)The head or large blue dot represents Filipino skilled workers. The body or three lines connected in the center represent the base of the technical and professional training system (TVET), that is, private training institutions, industry and government.

The entire logo, made up of the human figure surrounded by a gear-like image, signifies that by focusing on manpower development, we will enable industrial progress.

(Video) TESDA Courses Offered: How to Instantly Find Accredited Schools Near You (No Voice)

According to its official website, the institution was enacted as the Skills Development and Technical Education Act of 1994 or Republic Act No. offers school-based, center-based, community-based, and company-based programs.

*I hope this helps


What is the best course to take in TESDA? ›

Best TESDA Courses to Enroll Online in 2023
  • Here Are Some of The Top TESDA Courses You Might Want To Enroll.
  • Entrepreneurship Courses. ...
  • COVID-19 Management Courses. ...
  • 21st Century Skills – Workplace Communication Courses. ...
  • Tourism Courses. ...
  • Electrical and Electronics Courses. ...
  • Information and Communications Technology Courses.

How long is TESDA training? ›

Training Duration: 264 hours or 33 days

This qualification is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, positive attitude and work values of the learner in accordance with the prevailing standards in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector.

Does TESDA offer online free? ›

TESDA Online Program (TOP) is a web-based platform that offers free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the technical education and skills development of the Filipino workers.

What is nc1 in TESDA? ›


refers to the document issued by TESDA to individuals after being subjected to a National Competency Assessment and proven competent in all the required units of competency of a national qualification defined under the promulgated Training Regulations. (

What is the most useful course? ›

All statistics below are sourced from Best College Reviews.
  1. Pharmacology. For a lucrative career helping people, pharmacology is at the top of the list for in-demand degrees. ...
  2. Computer Science. ...
  3. Health Science. ...
  4. Information Technology. ...
  5. Engineering. ...
  6. Business Administration. ...
  7. Finance. ...
  8. Human Resources.

How much is the tuition fee in TESDA caregiver? ›

Foster social, intellectual, creative and emotional development of children. Foster the physical development of children. Provide care and support to elderly.
Total Tuition FeeⱣ 30,000.00
Graduation Fee1,500.00
7 more rows

Does TESDA have age limit? ›

There is no age limit as to who can avail of TESDA online courses. These can be availed of for free, and one could also enroll in other online courses after finishing a course. Lapeña said there are 68 online courses that can be taken from eight to 40 hours.

Does TESDA have tuition fee? ›

Do I need to pay tuition in order to enroll? The TESDA Online Program is available for FREE. There is no tuition fee required in accessing the courses.

Does TESDA certificate expire? ›

How long is the validity of the National Certificate? The certificate is valid for five (5) years.

How much is TESDA 2023 budget? ›

7 billion budget for fiscal year 2023, based on the National Expenditure Program (NEP).

How long is TESDA online courses? ›

There are over 60 courses to choose from and can be finished from eight to 40 hours. One can also enroll in other courses after finishing a course.

How long does tesda online program take? ›

An online learner will not stay online 4-8 hours for 6-24 months. Courses are highly skills oriented. Trainees will need to practice skills using facilities / equipment at training centers. Assessment for national certification cannot be done online (yet).

Does TESDA give allowance? ›

The official added that aside from free education that covers the laboratory supplies, a scholar also gets insurance coverage for at least one year, a daily stipend of P160, an internet allowance, book allowance, and a tool kit that can be used to start up a livelihood activity.

Which is better nc2 or nc3? ›

What are the differences among NC I, II, III, and IV? The numbers after National Certification indicate the level of expertise of an NC holder. For example, an NC IV holder is generally more skilled than an NC III holder the same way an NC II holder is generally considered to be more skilled than an NC I holder.

Is TESDA certificate accepted in canada? ›

TESDA has developed health-related courses that are suitable for jobs in Canada. These are Health Care Services NC II, Caregiving (Elderly) NC II, Caregiving (Clients with Special Needs) NC II, Caregiving (Grade Schooler to Adolescent) NC II, and Emergency Medical Services NC II.

What are the top 5 courses? ›

Top Trending Online Courses
  • Data Science. ...
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ...
  • Big Data. ...
  • Business Intelligence. ...
  • Cloud Computing. ...
  • Project Management. ...
  • Software Development. ...
  • Full-stack development.
Oct 6, 2022

What is the easiest course to take? ›

CollegeVine's Top Easiest Majors
  1. Business Administration. Average GPA: 3.2.
  2. Psychology. Average GPA: 3.3. ...
  3. Education. Average GPA: 3.6. ...
  4. Social Work. Average GPA: 3.4. ...
  5. Public Relations & Advertising. Average GPA: 3.0. ...
  6. Criminal Justice. Average GPA: 3.1. ...
  7. Journalism. Average GPA: 3.2. ...
  8. Economics. Average GPA: 3.0. ...
Jun 24, 2021

What courses make you rich? ›

  • Engineering. Coming in at the top is engineering - which might surprise you, but the scope of engineering is huge and widening all of the time. ...
  • Economics / Finance. ...
  • Politics. ...
  • Mathematics. ...
  • Computer Science. ...
  • Law. ...
  • MBA.
Dec 19, 2022

What TESDA courses that are in demand abroad? ›

List of TESDA Courses in Demand Abroad
  • Agricultural Crops Production NC I, NCII and NC III.
  • Automotive Servicing NC I, NC II, NC III, and NC IV.
  • Barbering NC II.
  • Bartending NC II, and Barista NC II.
  • Beauty Care NC II, and NC III.
  • Bread and pastry Production NC II.
  • Caregiving NC II.
  • Carpentry NC II and NC III.

Which courses are more in demand? ›

The IT courses are some of the most high demand courses in India.
Best Certification Courses Which Offer High-Paying Jobs.
Sl NoBest Online Courses With Certificates
1Education Certification Courses
2Software Development Certification Courses
3Accounting Management Certification Courses
4Information Technology Certification Courses
6 more rows
Sep 23, 2022

What type of courses are in demand? ›

Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses
  • Data Science Certification Program. ...
  • AI and ML Certification. ...
  • Cyber Security Certification Program. ...
  • Cloud Computing Certification Program. ...
  • DevOps Certification Program. ...
  • Digital Marketing Certification Program. ...
  • Full Stack Development Certification Program.

Can I take 2 courses in TESDA? ›

Getting a scholarship in TESDA is just one at a time, meaning you can't take two courses at the same time even if the time is different. Let's give to the SCHOLARS who are interested.

Is TESDA accepted in canada? ›

TESDA has developed health-related courses that are suitable for jobs in Canada. These are Health Care Services NC II, Caregiving (Elderly) NC II, Caregiving (Clients with Special Needs) NC II, Caregiving (Grade Schooler to Adolescent) NC II, and Emergency Medical Services NC II.

Which course has more job opportunities in abroad? ›

Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism have become trendy due to good career prospects and employment potential. Countries like Italy & Switzerland are among the best in recent times. However, traditional destinations like US, UK, UAE, Canada and France are also very popular in terms of job prospects.

Which skill is in demand in 2023? ›

The top five skills in demand for 2023 are management, communication, customer service, leadership, and sales. The top five hard skills include software development, SQL, finance, Python, and Java.

What is the easiest course to get? ›

The 16 Easiest College Majors – 2023 Rankings
  • Psychology.
  • Criminal Justice.
  • English.
  • Education.
  • Religious Studies.
  • Social Work.
  • Sociology.
  • Communications.
Nov 1, 2022


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